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B. U. Bhandari Auto Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Authorized Dealership in Pune (India), of Volkswagen & MG Cars along with Triumph Motorcycles for Sales, Service & Spare Parts. The automobile era of B. U. Bhandari is 50 years old having started with Bajaj Tempo way back in 1969. The group has been a part of reputed dealership networks including Kinetic, Honda Motorcycles, Tata Motors, Fiat & Mercedes Benz. The experience of delivering quality vehicles along with the pillars of Trust, Transparency & Expertise has etched us in the hearts of Punekars.

The journey of B. U. Bhandari started way back in 1920 from dealing in grains to sugar trading, distribution of Oil, Petrol Pumps, Automobile Dealerships, Developing Real Estates to Automobiles. The sheer variety of business has given us tremendous experience in building strong & lasting relationships with vendors & authorities eventually leading to unparalleled customer service. With a keen eye towards sustainability, B. U. Bhandari has always looked to powering it's facilities with renewable energy resources. Eventually this led to us venturing into establishing B. U. Bhandari Energy Pvt. Ltd. - a Solar EPC company.

The beginning of B. U. Bhandari - Volkswagen dealership in Pune started from our Pashan facility in 2010. This was followed by the British icon in motorcycles - Triumph in 2014 next to the same facility. The latest is the legendary MG Motors, whose dealership has been established at B. U. Bhandari's Wakad, Bund Garden & Baramati facilities.

B. U. Bhandari's 100 year timeline from the beginning

our history

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    The Beginning

    Late Shri. Uttamchandji Tulsiramji Bhandari founded the group in 1920 and started trading in grains.

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    The Toil

    Over a period of time, B. U. Bhandari and family expanded and diversified into sugar trading, distribution of Oil, Petrol Pumps, Automobile Dealerships, Developing Real Estates, Construction etc.

  • 03

    The Automobiles

    B. U. Bhandari starts it endeavour of automobile dealerships with Bajaj Tempo in 1969 and goes on to be the dealers of Kinetic, Honda Motorcycles, Tata Motors & Fiat and Mercedes-Benz...

  • 04

    The Real Estate

    In the year 1984 the group started it’s real estate and construction enterprise with B. U. Bhandari Landmarks and since then there has been no turning back.

  • 05

    The Volkswagen

    The year 2010 was a year to celebrate as B. U. Bhandari began operations of internationally acclaimed auto dealership of Volkswagen Group Sales India Pvt. Ltd.

  • 06

    The Triumph

    We became the official dealers of Triumph Motorcycles India Pvt Ltd in 2014.

  • 07

    The Responsibility

    We ventured into solar energy and we established B. U. Bhandari Energy Pvt. Ltd., a Solar EPC Company

  • 08

    The Reward

    We were awarded as the "Sarvottam Dealer" in the year 2015 and the prestigious "Diamond Pin", which recognizes the top 60 Volkswagen dealerships around the globe in 2016.

  • 09

    The MG

    B. U. Bhandari becomes the dealer for Morris Garages.

  • 10

    The Legacy

    B. U. Bhandari completes a glorious 100 years in 2020.